H. Gollahalli Cross, Hemmigepura-Kengeri Main Road, Bangalore-560060.

Admissions of students without regard to race, color

H. Gollahalli Cross, Hemmigepura-Kengeri Main Road, Bangalore.

About Us


Hruthvi International School aspires to provide an enabling environment that is intellectually stimulating and culturally rich, where every student strives to find their purpose in life to be of value to society. To nurture a questioning mind, an uncompromising sense of fairplay, and a deep concern for the less fortunate and for the environment we live in.

An enabling environment refers to an atmosphere that gives the students opportunities to experiment, innovate and learn; where they have the freedom to articulate their thoughts, speak their minds, and choose their direction.

Everything the student do and everywhere they go has to be an opportunity to learn, to think, and to grow. They are challenged to think critically, to reason, and to come up with ideas that are theirs. The intellectually stimulating environment at Hruthvi Students ensures this at all times.

The environment at Hruthvi International School is culturally rich in that it  seeks out  all that is new, rich and unfamiliar; revels in celebrating differences and encourages embracing diversity so as to enrich oneself.

Every human being is born for a purpose; and to finding one’s purpose in life is of vital importance. At Hruthvi International School,  the students are exposed to myriad experiences  so as to help them touch lives and to find their purpose.

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Mission Statement

Our mission at Hruthvi International school is to develop the unique abilities and potential of each child by offering an enriched educational program. We strive for excellence through a hands-on approach. Rich traditions rooted in our innovative curriculum grow productive, caring, and intellectually curious citizens.

  • Continuously evolve teaching learning strategies to equip students with skills and competencies in preparation for their entry into a world beyond School
  • Provide a plethora of opportunities to all students to develop the 21st century skills to transform themselves into value driven versatile well-grounded individuals
  • Enhance staff competencies through rigorous professional development programmes laying emphasis on teacher training and leadership training
  • Continue to build constructive relationships with all our stakeholders thereby creating a positive school climate which helps to extend a caring school community
  • Enhance IT infrastructure and resources to augment student learning and assessments across scholastic and co-scholastic areas
  • Strive towards impacting the community undertaking outreach initiatives and environmental projects in the neighbourhood
Our Core Values

Within an empowering child-centric environment, through numerous learning opportunities and best teaching practices, we strive to develop socially responsible, independent, knowledgeable, lifelong learners and leaders with multi-dimensional skills, values and integrity to positively impact and contribute as Global Citizens.

Our Philosophy

At HIS, we seek to provide an environment where each child is encouraged to attain his or her maximum potential, develop the skills and values which would enable him or her to successfully meet the challenges in our changing world, built on the foundation of principles of hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, discipline and good conduct.

We recognize that we need to position our children to succeed in a global environment, and every opportunity will be given to each and every student to develop their skills and talents.